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Hanna Milos is an interdisciplinary artist working in the spirit of play. Painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, and filmmaking are her creative playground. At the heart of her artistic expression is innate joy and indulgence in her craft.


A charming sense of humor and a lighthearted, unpretentious attitude lies within all of her work. The bold and graphic style in both her visual artwork and video work draws inspiration from popular culture, and explores territories that some might deem garish, camp, loud, or frivolous. Themes and subjects such as American traditional style tattoos, cowgirls, pinups, comedians, drag queens, graffiti, B horror, and appropriation frequently find their way into her visual artworks. This eclectic mix serves as the essence and spirit of her film and video work, in which she fluctuates between humor and horror. In both narrative and experimental works, she aims to elicit laughter and unease simultaneously, leaving audiences chuckling while also feeling uncomfortable. 

Hanna has a BFA in Film, Video, Animation and New Genres from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, with a certificate in Communication Design. She currently works as a video editor and AV technician, in addition to selling her artwork at pop up markets. 

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